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No Boundaries Youth Organizers (NbYO), is a leadership program focused on providing community organizing, professional, and life skills to youth ages 13 to 19, with a connection to 21217.

As a parent organization, No Boundaries Coalition seeks to provide a space that is youth-centered with adult support and gives young people the tools to lead while giving them the opportunity to explore careers, their community, and secondary education.

We offer monthly stipends, after-school meals, trips, and swag for youth participants.

• School Year Session October - May (20 Students)

• Summer Internship July - August (15 Students)

Issues: Areas of focus

  • Police Accountability
  • Mental Health
  • Fair & Equitable Education
  • Youth Opportunities

What we have done to address the issues important to us:

In partnership with Voices of 21217 and Youth as Resources we produced a training video for Baltimore City Police officers to learn why it is important to build strong positive relationships with youth. To date, we’ve trained over 2,000 officers. Additionally, we support Youth As Resources efforts to replace School Police Officers as first responders with mental health workers. To address youth and community mental health awareness we’ve organized House Meetings in response to shootings in order to hear what the people of 21217 feel & think. In partnership with Mom Demand Action, we traveled to Annapolis to testify before Governor Wes Moore in support of common sense gun laws. To address fair education we partner with ACLU - American Civil Liberty Union to support the Bradford vs Board of Education lawsuit to empower residents to exercise their rights so that the law values and uplifts their humanity.

What we plan to do in order to address issues important to us:

We host service learning opportunities for youth ages 13-24 and the Annual Youth Issues Assembly in order to address these issues.

What we want from our peers:

We would like our peers to be more engaged, cooperative, and vocal about the issues affecting them.

What we want from Elected Leaders:

We believe that Baltimore City could invest more in the youth by publicizing/ highlighting Youth that are doing positive things, fund projects specifically something like a Youth Entrepreneurship fund. Elected officials can offer more presence at youth-led and organized events and learn ways to connect their job responsibilities to the needs of young people. The city could also support youth in Education by amending standardized testing, improving school lunches, and assuring youth have access to driving school scholarships.

Your support helps us to organize projects to address these important issues.